Agile Project Metrics #1

This is first of a series of blogs to explore the importance of metrics in an Agile project. The approach to a specific Agile project is often described as emergent. In the sense that we don’t start off with a prescribed approach in mind but we adopt as our understanding of projects grows and it’s profile and key challenges emerges. Agile metrics can be used as an aid to understanding a project’s profile (informational metrics) and it’s challenges (diagnostics metrics). The following is a list of some metrics relevant to Agile projects:

Burn (Iteration & Release)
Lead Time
Cumulative Flow
Software Quality
Story Cycle Time
Running Tested Feature
Earned Business Value

There is a wealth of material discussing Agile metrics. In the next few weeks I will trawl through some of it and document my findings and observations. Meanwhile here is a good place to start.

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