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I began working in software development around 1990, and have worked for in-house IT departments, software product vendors, and software services companies. My initial exposure to iterative software development was with the Unified Process around 1999, which I saw applied in ways both useful and … less so. I work for Valtech in London, where my focus over the last few years has been on leading software development teams working on bespoke solutions. I also advise teams seeking to apply agile methods (hopefully in order to succeed, rather than for its own sake).

Last week’s Brown Bag: Project inception phase within agile software development

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  Last Friday, David offered us an overview of the project inception phase within agile software development. David began by establishing the context of business-owned incremental delivery: business-owned, because the value proposition is determined by stakeholders outside IT; incremental, because there are often commercial opportunities to exploit by delivering ‘smaller and sooner’. When dealing with… Read more »

Last week’s Brown Bag: HTML5 ebook frameworks for iOS

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A very belated thanks to Henry for giving us a glimpse into the world of eBook development last Friday. Using XCode – to the horror/incomprehension of some more conservative developers in the room – Henry ran through an example of building content using the open source Baker framework, while also drawing our attention to a… Read more »

Inspect and Adapt: Close the Loop!

‘Inspect and adapt’ is a well-worn phrase amongst agile software practitioners. One object of inspection is the software that is delivered periodically – and frequently, if agile principles are applied.The diagram below shows a simple model of feature …