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Davide Calvo is a past-his-prime UX person who, like the vast majority of people in his industry, fakes his way through life. Only, he's honest enough to admit it and always tries his very best, safe in the knowledge that perfection is not of this world. The acceptance of his own limits did not prevent him from getting a Master in Interactive Multimedia, and working on a impressive array of complex projects since 2001.

Swedish clarity, and responsive design.

Last Friday I gave a presentation about responsive design in our offices in Aldersgate Street. I should say I “read” a presentation, as my only merit consisted in “importing” from our Swedish branch an excellent set of slides produced by two fellow Valtech consultants: Henrik Ekelöf (@henrikekelof ) and Robert Piirainen (@robertpiira).     The… Read more »

A day at the BBC: content landmarks and internet suburbia

Content landmarks. Think of a relatively small city, with a few noticeable landmarks such as a church, a castle, etc. And now think of an urban expansion like the one of Los Angeles with, in all directions, low buildings as far as the eye can see. This is pretty much what happened to content and… Read more »