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Why you should invest in F-Commerce

In his April 5th post, “Brands Give Facebook F-Commerce an F”, Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, skilfully summarises the recent hype crash around F-Commerce, in light of recent failures by leading brands such as GAP to take advantage of the new channel. He also accurately attests that F-Commerce is not dying –… Read more »

Multi-Channel Retailing: An Introduction Interview

  Jonathan Cook, Head of New Media at Valtech was interviewed for the Multi-Channel Retailing Guide (for the full report, click here) by the Retail Customer Experience. Given the explosion in interest within the industry about Facebook as a retail channel, Valtech has injected our experience of building successful Facebook stores and innovating within the… Read more »

Talking Facebook Commerce

I’m going to be speaking at the eCommerce Expo on the subject of Facebook Commerce on October 11th at London, Olympia – you lucky people My subject is “Simplifying Facebook Commerce” and I’ll be building on Valtech’s recent article published in The Guardian newspaper. The emphasis will be on putting the customer at the heart [...]

F-Commerce: 3rd Party Applications Vendor Selection Guide

Launching a Facebook Store is simple. As an individual or small business you can build a rudimentary store for free with services like Larger companies and organisations, however, should consider more powerful implementations, primarily to personalise the customer’s experience and drive sales performance. There is little point in bespoke building Facebook store functionality, particularly… Read more »

“Simplifying Facebook Commerce Strategies”

Simplifying Facebook Commerce Strategies” by Jonathan Cook Marketeers have long benefited from harnessing word of mouth recommendation among Facebook’s 700m global users.  The current challenge is to monetise this relationship with people directly. The first wave of business initiatives saw companies use the social network to launch products, reposition brands, recruit brand advocates and to… Read more »