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I have been working on software development for 15 years. I was first involved in projects as developer, then moved to less technical tasks as Quality Consultant/Manager and UML/RUP trainer, before coming back to my first love and mainly assuming technical roles on projects: lead developer, technical consultant. While I worked on projects using RUP or similar processes (I even created one that was certified ISO), I have been working on Agile projects for the past few years.

Unit tests, code coverage and the hidden trap…

Quality has always been a “hot” subject in software engineering, and several good development practices used in Agile development, unit testing for example, have been created to improve the quality of the softwares developed. Programme Managers, Project Managers and Assurance Quality Managers haven’t just been looking for techniques to improve quality, they’ve also been looking… Read more »

Agile Risk Management

By Jorge Migueis When a team adopts Agile processes, they can sometimes forget to retain the good practices from the “old” processes. One of these forgotten practises is Risk Management. People are going to rightfully argue that Agile will ensure that the constant feedback loops of daily stand-ups, demonstrations and retrospectives make issues more visible… Read more »

Agile – The importance of tools

See a new article on Agile tools by Jorge Migueis here. We work in the IT industry where we build tools with the aim of helping our clients or company to be more efficient. However, sometimes we forget to do the same for ourselves. It is often said that Agile methodologies such as XP, SCRUM… Read more »