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Olly is Principal Consultant with Valtech. He has been developing software professionally since 1997. His career has spanned many different sectors, including robotics, highly concurrent enterprise messaging (140,000 concurrent users), banking, web portals and hard real-time embedded systems. The more experience he gains, the more he realises there are still many riddles to be solved by the industry before it can consistently deliver cutting-edge high quality software on time and budget. As well as getting involved at the coding coal face, he has undertaken roles of management, and enterprise architect. He also loves travelling and has been fortunate to work at international locations including the UK, Japan, North America and Europe.

7 principles to enable Agile Projects through Enterprise Architecture

Discovery From Above

Most enterprises will now have experimented with Agile projects. Many projects are a great success and some fail to live up to the limitless hyperbole of Agile. One of observations I have made when working in several enterprises is that the fit between Agile projects and more established Enterprise Architecture¬†function is not fully defined and,… Read more »