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I've been interested in software development ever since I remember. When I finished University my first role was at TWI where I picked up the basics in Microsoft Commercial Software Development. Since then I've been contracting for a various sectors such as Digital, The British Museum, Northdoor Plc, now here I am! I have passions for music, hository, travel, anything new and callenging, cars, sports, gym & funny stuff


This post was originally published here by Valtech UK consultant Sachin Kanadia. I was playing around attempting to implement course grained MVVM in WPF. I used the Prism Application Block to achieve the most part. I came up with a few resulting base classes that formed the crux of the application I was deving at the time…. Read more »


MVC, MVVM, MVPI decided to get to the bottom of these patterns and what the differences are. The most common motivation behind these patterns are the cross cutting of concerns, swapping out the user interfaces (i.e. windows for web) and of ease of unit…