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Rapid Prototyping with Henry Charge


Last week Henry Charge led a Lunch and Learn on Rapid Prototyping, the practice of creating HTML prototypes that can be changed on the fly instead of having to create new iterations of photoshop renders when aesthetic changes are requested by the client. Focusing specifically on some of our Government work, he introduced the concept… Read more »

Agile Marketing Methodologies IRL

Kanban Board Agile Marketing

I recently saw Ashley Friedlein (eConsultancy CEO) speak at the Adobe Summit this year, and subsequently read his article on Agile Marketing ( I’ve only been a marketer for just over a year, and I have been using the same Agile practices that he outlines since I began – “this shouldn’t be revolutionary,” I thought… Read more »

7 principles to enable Agile Projects through Enterprise Architecture

Discovery From Above

Most enterprises will now have experimented with Agile projects. Many projects are a great success and some fail to live up to the limitless hyperbole of Agile. One of observations I have made when working in several enterprises is that the fit between Agile projects and more established Enterprise Architecture function is not fully defined and,… Read more »

EPiServer/Pugpig Connector Development

blog pugpig connector

by Sandeep Narayan Overview I have been working on a piece of software called a “connector” which is used to publish content managed by EPiServer CMS instances to tablet devices and smartphones that run PugPig reader apps. In order for a PugPig reader app to download and display digital content managed by an EPiServer CMS… Read more »

Valtech and Javascript


Across the IT industry, platforms and technologies continue to evolve at pace, offering much richer services and features to help speed delivery times and build richer applications and nowhere is that more obvious to the end user than with the next generation of JavaScript libraries, most of which are freely available – it is radically… Read more »

“I Am Valtech” Launch!

Danny sml

Valtech is comparatively new to the social media sphere and, having experienced tremendous short-term growth, we thought it was time to rethink how we were using our social networks. I read an interesting article recently on how content broadcast through streams like Twitter can often get lost amongst the perpetual waterfall of information. [see here:, Jonathan… Read more »

That’s our Agile cup of Tea!

agile tea

Last week I went along to the wonderfully British-sounding Agile Tea. Hosted by the Government Digital Service, Agile Tea is part of the broader “teacamp” idea started in 2008, which began as a series of informal meet-ups for digital people who work in and around government – authority employees, contractors, and suppliers included. As the… Read more »

Development strategy for mobile apps – Film with Pamela Fox

To develop one or several apps, is in itself is not particularly difficult today. Assuming that there are reasonable objectives from a business perspective, as well as goals from a communicative and user experience perspective, apps are a good way to reach and engage users. However, the question you soon will find yourself asking is: – How… Read more »

Last week’s Brown Bag: HTML5 ebook frameworks for iOS

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A very belated thanks to Henry for giving us a glimpse into the world of eBook development last Friday. Using XCode – to the horror/incomprehension of some more conservative developers in the room – Henry ran through an example of building content using the open source Baker framework, while also drawing our attention to a… Read more »