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Rapid Prototyping with Henry Charge


Last week Henry Charge led a Lunch and Learn on Rapid Prototyping, the practice of creating HTML prototypes that can be changed on the fly instead of having to create new iterations of photoshop renders when aesthetic changes are requested by the client. Focusing specifically on some of our Government work, he introduced the concept… Read more »

EPiServer/Pugpig Connector Development

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by Sandeep Narayan Overview I have been working on a piece of software called a “connector” which is used to publish content managed by EPiServer CMS instances to tablet devices and smartphones that run PugPig reader apps. In order for a PugPig reader app to download and display digital content managed by an EPiServer CMS… Read more »

Development strategy for mobile apps – Film with Pamela Fox

To develop one or several apps, is in itself is not particularly difficult today. Assuming that there are reasonable objectives from a business perspective, as well as goals from a communicative and user experience perspective, apps are a good way to reach and engage users. However, the question you soon will find yourself asking is: – How… Read more »

Why you should invest in F-Commerce

In his April 5th post, “Brands Give Facebook F-Commerce an F”, Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, skilfully summarises the recent hype crash around F-Commerce, in light of recent failures by leading brands such as GAP to take advantage of the new channel. He also accurately attests that F-Commerce is not dying –… Read more »

Testing and concurrency

Our team is currently working with a client on a medium sized, medium complexity Java application which has quite low test coverage. We are introducing characterisation tests to snapshot functionality. These will give us the confidence to r…


This post was originally published here by Valtech UK consultant Sachin Kanadia. I was playing around attempting to implement course grained MVVM in WPF. I used the Prism Application Block to achieve the most part. I came up with a few resulting base classes that formed the crux of the application I was deving at the time…. Read more »

Unit tests, code coverage and the hidden trap…

Quality has always been a “hot” subject in software engineering, and several good development practices used in Agile development, unit testing for example, have been created to improve the quality of the softwares developed. Programme Managers, Project Managers and Assurance Quality Managers haven’t just been looking for techniques to improve quality, they’ve also been looking… Read more »

One team, one language

On a previous post I was discussing, among other things, how code often doesn’t represent the business properly. The code “satisfies” the business requirements but doesn’t express them very well. The main reason for that is because we, developers, like…