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Lean decision making

Take-away #2 from David Anderson’s Kanban Coaching workshop.

This post will be short and sweet. It’s not a revelation but it is a simple pattern that can support us in making the right decisions as we evolve and improve development processes.
Value trumps Flow
Flow trumps Waste reduction
Eliminate waste to improve efficiency
This mantra might be deceptively simple. We [...]

Why Kanban

Take-away #1 from David Anderson’s Kanban Coaching workshop.

Kanban (as applied to software development) has created something of a buzz over the past few years growing out of a couple of case studies of David’s along with the experiences of the likes of Arlo Balshee now we have many more experiences from a variety of contexts.
Given [...]

Kanban Coaching Workshop

OK, I’m a little slow on the uptake here since “real work” is proving to be something of a distraction.
Last month I was fortunate enough to attend David Anderson’s Kanban Coaching Workshop. Here is how David described it:
This 3 day workshop is for experienced Agile coaches, existing Kanban practitioners, and those who have previously taken [...]

Task boards and kanban boards

Karl has offered this post explaining the difference between a task board and a Kanban board.
He draws attention to the common task board focus of tasks to do this iteration. No WIP limit, only tasks currently in development.
This differentiator becomes less apparent when we look at how teams develop their use of task boards. Personally [...]

To SCRUM or to Kanban? – Which one fits.

SCRUM and Kanban (as applied to software development) are different. Proponents of the two drift from staunch opposition to declaring Kanban as a special case of Scrum.
I have been practising and coaching Scrum for a number of years and I delight in the effect it has on project teams. While I practice Scrum I find [...]