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A retrospective of the ODP Hack Week by NHSIC

The NHS Information Centre (NHSIC) held a Hack week on the 10th -14th October. They invited suppliers with relevant experience within the industry along to highlight various problems that they will face when trying to accomplish their strategic vision for information – the Open Data Platform (ODP). The goal is to build an open, easily… Read more »

Unit tests, code coverage and the hidden trap…

Quality has always been a “hot” subject in software engineering, and several good development practices used in Agile development, unit testing for example, have been created to improve the quality of the softwares developed. Programme Managers, Project Managers and Assurance Quality Managers haven’t just been looking for techniques to improve quality, they’ve also been looking… Read more »

Naming your Unit Tests

Often I see Unit Tests with the test methods that have the same name as the method under test prefixed with the word “test” e.g. testSubmitApplication. This provides no extra information on which “flow” of the mothod is being tested. Other test method names provide a bit more information by suffixing the nature of the [...]