As a manager define outputs, not process

Liz haz written a great post here describing a situation where the deployment team needed to learn for to leverage the development team to achieve a more effective rout out of development into QA and live environments.

The line that made me smile was -

Ask for consistent outputs, not consistent processes

This is a big leap for many managers and senior stake-holders. I worked with a team recently who had been told to do daily stand-up meetings. They were told that each must answer three questions (you know the three, what yesterday, what next and what’s blocking). The teams manager had a team member minute the meeting and send him an e-mail to save time.

I was asked to have a chat with the team about why they seemed unhappy with this new “agile” approach. The first step was to invite the manager to write a contract in terms of his information requirements and agree that so long as the team could fulfil the contract he would accept their approach.

A short retrospective later and the team are posting key information on a board for all including the manager to see, the minuting of the meeting has stopped and they have taken back their stand-up whic it turns out they quite liked now it could move faster without minuting.

So thanks for the reminder Liz and thanks for sharing.

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Ask for consistent outputs, not consistent processes


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