“I Am Valtech” Launch!

Valtech is comparatively new to the social media sphere and, having experienced tremendous short-term growth, we thought it was time to rethink how we were using our social networks.

I read an interesting article recently on how content broadcast through streams like Twitter can often get lost amongst the perpetual waterfall of information. [see here: http://bit.ly/Z2z7vF, Jonathan Gebauer] We couldn’t agree more, so, on Monday 27/5 we Launch “I make Valtech,” a new use of Twitter for us. Each week a different member of our team will take full ownership of the Twitter account, the only rule being that there are no rules.

Each week we will hand the reigns over to someone from alternative departments, and they are there for whatever it evolves into, possibly an open forum for discussion on all things digital, from software, to strategy. I hope you make the most of it!

First into the breach will be our Senior UI Developer, Danny Fontaine! Danny is a creative genius, visually and musically! He’s in a prog-ska band Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury, Mathias went to see them a couple of weeks back and described the experience as “loud.” (In a good way…) It’s over to Danny from Monday, why not get to know him yourselves, just click here:

jonathan cook valtech twitter

It’s a really exciting step for us, and something that many members of the team are anxious to get involved in. We’re proud of our brand and who we are and it’s time to show you why: our people. From Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to Virgin’s Richard Branson, the recurring theme in a successful and respected business is that it recognises the importance of its people. We know they make us who we are, so why not let them be us!

We’re excited!

4 Responses to ““I Am Valtech” Launch!”

  1. JackStevens


    We have renamed the initiative as ‘i am valtech_’ in line with Valtech Sweden.

  2. JackStevens

    Hi Jonathan,

    SO far – really well, we’re only a week in (the start was somewhat delayed unfortunately) but now we’re up and running and this week it’s Mathias Strandberg, our Head of Digital. Danny Fontaine, Senior UX Consultant was last week and went down a storm… big things to come from this…

    Hope you’re well!

  3. Martin

    I have to agree with Jonathan’s statement and the blog post he did. Social media is weird and not a lot of people actually read what they retweet. One question that you mentioned in the article… how could I get a famous person to re-tweet my tweet ?

  4. Jonathan Gebauer

    Wow, I am actually overwhelmed at all the positive reaction I got with my simple rant in this post – please keep me posted on how this works out!


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