Last week’s Brown Bag: HTML5 ebook frameworks for iOS

A very belated thanks to Henry for giving us a glimpse into the world of eBook development last Friday.

Using XCode – to the horror/incomprehension of some more conservative developers in the room – Henry ran through an example of building content using the open source Baker framework, while also drawing our attention to a similar offering, pugpig (presumably named for its good looks).

Baker provides a means of developing interactive content aimed at the Apple Store / Newsstand channels (if I understood correctly).  Henry pointed out that the significance of Baker et al. is as much in accessing this large market as it is in the use of specific technologies  – i.e. HTML5, with its local storage capabilities, integration with geo-location services, and so on.  The perceived barrier to purchase on iPhone / iPad using Apple Store is much lower.


Most importantly of all, the session allowed Henry to combine iPad, MacBook Pro, and projector to create a slightly disconcerting visual effect:


As for pugpig – I’ve just seen that the project page invites you to ‘Pork me on GitHub’.  Creating a punch line from this phrase I leave as an exercise for the reader.


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