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Across the IT industry, platforms and technologies continue to evolve at pace, offering much richer services and features to help speed delivery times and build richer applications and nowhere is that more obvious to the end user than with the next generation of JavaScript libraries, most of which are freely available – it is radically changing their web experience.

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The JavaScript frameworks are fast becoming first class citizens in the world of web introducing the ability to structure, program and maintain complex event driven web applications on the client. This shift has been helped in no small part by frameworks that aid modularisation such as Require.JS and building on this capability comes the explosion of Web MV* frameworks such as AngularJS, Knockout.js and Backbone.js.

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Here at Valtech we’ve been using Backbone.js to deliver rich and dynamic web applications. Backbone has helped us structure our apps to deliver rich, highly interactive single page applications, it neatly separates concerns into Models (Domain level objects), Collections (Of Models), Views (The UI) and Routers (Single page applications). The Models and Collections are all RESTfully bound to the server and expose a rich event model, the Views are responsible for rendering the UI using a variety of templating engines and responding to UI events, and Routers wrap browser events to leverage the new browser History API and help create the application feel on the web.

We are riding the wave of Javascript to produce some very well received projects with our customers, work which of every element we are proud.

By Senior Consultant – Krister Bone

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