Reasons why Windows 8 is here to stay and what that means for businesses

Two weeks ago, I presented at our first Lunch and Learn seminar here at Valtech. (For more events click  here). In my talk, I focused on how we went about creating our own Valtech Windows 8 app for tablets and desktops.  Many attendees were surprised that many companies, usually the ones that are at the forefront of their competition, already had a Windows 8 app and why shouldn’t they? In fact, the question that I asked the audience was: “Why are you not on there yet?”

Marketers are nuts not paying attention

Since October 2012 Windows 8 has been available for all new consumer PC’s alongside Microsoft’s entry into the tablet market. Marketers are nuts to not pay attention to this as there are more than 60 million copies sold worldwide already. Not being on the Windows Store as a company entails a huge risk to lose market share to your competitors. The Windows app store is relatively small at the moment but fortuitously other platforms have ‘trained’ your customers to visit app stores and download the app that delivers a targeted user experience. Consumers do not want to go the extra step to the browser and search engine to connect with a brand, brands must be visible at all touch points of a user journey in the case of Windows 8 this means an app.

We built a Windows 8 app

We at Valtech built a Windows 8 app for ourselves in order to demonstrate to our clients how we could easily help inject their brand directly onto their customer’s desktop in a useful way.  Through the experience of building our own app, we have advised our customers that one of the key strengths with Windows 8 is that they can use their existing web development resources.  There is no steep learning curve required, as there is to build apps for Apple iOS and Android.  This means that companies can expect to be very productive when building apps for the Windows 8 Store.

It was really easy to quickly launch something small, yet meaningful.  We also showed to our customers that we could help them grow an app over time to interact with their own customers and generate return-on-investment by adding more useful services over time.

Valtech’s own app demonstrates how in just a few days we were able to create something which puts our brand directly onto our client’s desktops.  We can now enhance this app to provide useful features and content in order to give our best customers a superior service.

Adapt or die: Why you should be agile!

At Valtech we are always at the forefront of new technologies and keep up to speed with latest trends such as Windows 8. We have a structured process to help our customers manage this transition efficiently and cost effectively called Agile Marketing (download our White Paper here – ultimately this helps our clients measure and optimise ROI in digital marketing channels.

What next?

Come and see us for an informal discussion at one of our “Lunch and Learn” seminars or email us at For more info about Windows 8, please watch my webinar here.


Blog Post by Jamie Mitchell, Windows 8 Expert at Valtech

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