Lean at starbucks (lean without the social side isn’t lean at all)

The article I’ve clipped from here is a response from John Shook to an article in the Wall Street Journal regarding a Lean transformation effort in it’s early stages at Starbucks.

But that’s not why I’ve clipped it.

The aspect of the article I wanted to draw attention to was the emphasis on the social aspects of Lean. As I see more people talking about Lean and Kanban in software engineering environments I wonder – who is owning this process, the team or the coach? As John puts it, who is the scientist?

Clipped from www.lean.org
The problem with Taylor’s Scientific Management: Who is the scientist when it comes to process improvement? Scientists must see real work to do science on the work.
Toyota revolutionized the social dimension of work, respecting workers brains as well as their hands
By redefining roles, Toyota changed the answer to the question of who is the scientist in scientific management.
The technical side of lean without the social side isn’t lean at all.Read more at www.lean.org

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